Ancient Greek Sandals

According to Ancient Greek mythology, gods and goddesses were provided with their favourite shoes - sandals - by a craftsman based in Crete, who gave each pair magical powers. Christina Martini and Nikolas Minoglou were both raised in Greece and grew up with these legends, leading to a special interest in shoes – but especially the sandal. Christina trained in shoemaking through university courses, while Nikolas was the heir of a renowned local shoemaker. Between them, they decided to tackle the mythical sandal that featured so prominently in their childhood and brings so much glory to their beloved homeland of Greece. With that, they founded their label, Ancient Greek Sandals, making beautiful luxury sandals updated with a modern twist and a bold and distinctive style. Designed in naturally tanned, high quality leathers that stand the test of time and gain character over the seasons, Ancient Greek Sandals summer shoes have journeyed from Greek beaches to the cobblestones of Parisian streets. Resolutely chic, the sandals are adorned with golden buckles featuring delicate wings, in homage to the messenger god Hermes, and are the result of minimalist yet meticulous design. The foot, held by straps, looks beautiful in every style, from the colourful and trendy Scrunchie Melia to the contemporary Oceanis and Skalida. For an even more glamorous feel, we love the golden Ohia and Ofis Cantene worn with long white lace dresses for weddings in the sun. Over the past few seasons, the label has gradually diversified its designs, experimenting with new styles, such as clogs. From the Marilisa sandals perched on a wooden platform, to Classic clogs, for that timeless, elegant feel, Ancient Greek Sandals can be worn whatever the season.

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