Benedetta Bruzziches

These are more than objets d’art; they are objects that will melt your heart. Italian designer Benedetta Bruzziches has been designing colourful rhinestone bags and accessories since 2009. Passionate about art, especially cinema and poetry, her creations are breathtaking and theatrical. Completely covered in crystals, their eye-catching sparkles are sure to get your pulse racing. Her glamorous jewel-like bags are made in Italy and have a sculptural quality to them. In fact, Benedetta Bruzziches herself describes her creations as “objects d'heart made with Art". An abstract concept that nonetheless perfectly describes her handbags and the creative process she uses to design them. A poetic endeavour, and a love letter to femininity. It’s a revealing and somewhat surprising approach to fashion accessories, and one that is personal to its designer Benedetta Bruzziches. The originality of the dazzling label is also expressed in the names given to its styles, in reference to some of William Shakespeare's plays, including "As You Like It”, “Much Ado About Nothing” and “The Merry Wives of Windsor". Among our favourite bags is the highly structured Your Best Friend Grande whose strap is adorned with two rhinestone-covered buckles - the brand's signature, as well as the atypical Ursula. Its name is a tribute to Ursula Andress, the very first Bond Girl, who left her mark on an entire generation with her dreamy hair and her captivating beauty. Her first scene alongside Sean Connery takes place on a blissful beach, where 007 sees her emerging out of the water in a bikini, beads of water sliding down her skin. A fantasy is born. A fantasy that now takes the form of a bag. Other designs, such as the Vitty La Mignon and Travolta da un Insolito Destino complete the Benedetta Bruzziches range at Monnier Paris. Ready to sparkle and shine?

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