Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta made its big comeback in 2017, under the artistic direction of Daniel Lee. In the space of just five years, he put the Venetian label back on the fashion map, with ingenious handbags and collections punctuated with flashes of green. This green has become a key colour for the brand, a shade so remarkable that it stands out in any crowd: featured on the Cassette bag, a knit dress and oval sunglasses, it screams Bottega. Daniel Lee's sleek and ultra-creative aesthetic quickly brought Bottega Veneta back into the 21st century, but somehow it wasn't quite enough. The designer passed the baton to Matthieu Blazy, a talented Belgian designer who honed his craft at Balenciaga, Raf Simons, Maison Margiela and Céline. His slightly less idiosyncratic interpretation of Bottega Veneta's heritage and expertise is more understated and relaxed, with a focus on movement and the way in which its customers wear its designs. But that’s not to say that Bottega Veneta isn’t still synonymous with opulence and quality, and its choice of noble materials is also consistent with the sustainability commitments made by the brand. Its leathers are sustainably sourced and its scraps reused, cotton is organic and plastic is avoided wherever possible. When you combine these eco-friendly measures with Bottega Veneta's highly respected designs, it’s no surprise that it's acclaimed and admired by fashionistas everywhere. Of the many Bottega Veneta accessories dominating our Instagram feeds and the street looks of our fashion faves, sunglasses are definitely the stand-out piece. Ultra-luxurious, they give off a confident air of girl – or boy – boss that we can only hope to emulate. With an opaque or transparent frame, in an aviator, cat-eye or square silhouette, Bottega Veneta glasses are full of surprises. And whether tortoiseshell, green, silver or full-on gold, they're the ideal accessory for a strong look, guaranteed.

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