A fashion and leather goods label whose reputation is second to none, Italian brand Gucci is one of the industry's most celebrated and admired. The story begins in 1921 when Guccio Gucci founded his eponymous brand, after working in a luxury hotel and secretly coveting the leather suitcases and trunks of the wealthy clients he served. His equestrian products quickly became known for their quality, and allowed him to grow his business over the decades. As WWII came to an end, he dreamt up elegant new styles, made of cotton rather than leather, which was then difficult to obtain. They included the Double G monogram, now one of the label's most iconic designs. The House of Gucci then became a family affair, tragic, no doubt, but impressive nonetheless. The father gradually withdrew and made way for his three sons, who took it upon themselves to breathe new life into the brand, helping it attract new customers with different, more exacting demands, reflecting the style of 1970s and 1980s women. Gucci began to shine with its ready-to-wear and vast array of accessories, and even moreso when the Tom Ford took the helm. In the space of just a few seasons, Gucci became an era-defining brand that everyone wanted a piece of. After the departure of Tom Ford, the creative direction of the Italian house passed from hand to hand before landing in those of Alessandro Michele. Though relatively unknown to the public, the designer presided over the fashion house for over a decade, quietly working in the shadows. Under his guidance, Gucci reinvented itself once again: less provocative, more intellectual and inspiring, the brand became synonymous with creativity, nostalgia and stylistic experimentation. Gucci sunglasses are as iconic as its collections and catwalk shows. Whatever their shape, they never fail to stand the test of time thanks to their timeless and varied designs. With oversized lenses, thick and deliciously retro frames, or thin and sporty arms, there's a pair of Gucci glasses for everyone. Isn't it time you got yours?

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