Digital Fashion, the Metaverse, NFTs... and cryptocurrency! Welcome to Web3, a universe rich in opportunities and innovation - but which we know can be a little confusing. If you plan to explore this new world, it's important to be prepared. Which is why the team here at Monnier Paris has found you a spectacular system to protect your cryptocurrency, an elegant and robust device developed by Swiss label Hodlr. It all starts with your seed phrase. A seed phrase is a login phrase made up of twelve to twenty-four random words, and which, like a password, lets you log into your MetaMask or other virtual wallet. Though these words (all composed of at least four letters) are randomly generated, you must remember them all, as well as their order: if you forget your seed phrase, it cannot be recovered, and your cryptocurrency will be lost forever. It is therefore essential to record your login phrase, and Hodlr is here to help. Made up of twenty four stainless steel discs, the device comes with a kit that allows you to punch through the letters. All you have to do is punch each word of your seed phrase one by one, each on a different disc. Not only are Hodlr cases ultra-resistant and tough, they are also visually pleasing, with different finishes to choose from – gold, silver and matte black. Designed to withstand any eventuality, bad weather and even the unexpected, they emerge victorious in the face of humidity, rust, fire, flooding and even an earthquake. Naturally, Hodlr Disks are also the perfect solution to prevent your seed phrase from being hacked, and your cryptocurrency stolen. Totally offline, these modern-day safes protect you from all forms of cyber-attack. And attacks IRL are also prevented, too: super-discreet and resistant, the Hodlr Disks device can only be opened using a single seal, provided with the device, along with a user manual. Hodlr, the heart of your crypto.

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