In Gold We Trust

While some believe in the power of religious deities, Héloïse Chiron and Louis Marie de Bridiers believe in the power of gold. Formerly an architect and artisan tailor for men, they joined forces in 2017 to form a dedicated artistic duo with unpredictable designs. Together, they developed IN GOLD WE TRUST. The Parisian label is driven by a provocative and brutalist aesthetic, and designs that inspire self-reflection. What do we really believe in? What importance do we attach to the objects around us? The label's somewhat philosophical approach encourages us to rethink our idea of classic jewellery. Handmade in brass and steel covered with 18 carat gold, jewellery by IN GOLD WE TRUST is original to say the least. The themes of the different collections are like different chapters of a story; the story of building a new, more sustainable fashion, and a return to the essentials. The IN GOLD WE TRUST aesthetic is expressed through exciting combinations. Links in various colours and sizes come together and create an impact on earrings, bracelets and necklaces. For a more industrial, urban look, necklaces and bracelets are adorned with metal carabiners, combined with elegant rows of pearls for added contrast and a masculine-feminine touch. The Parisian label also offers rings made of links, or diamonds reinvented in a metallic version. The originality of IN GOLD WE TRUST also apples to its use of surprising and complementary materials, and references to everyday objects. Compasses, credit cards, carabiners and pens are all transformed into audacious jewels that add a touch of style to all your outfits. So, are you ready to believe in the power of gold?

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