With Kara, expect the unexpected. With inspirations ranging from industrial to glamorous, its handbags strike a perfect balance between a minimalist and maximalist style. The minimalism is expressed through simple and modern silhouettes, designed for the convenience and comfort of the wearer. The maximalism comes into play with bold details, either chunky and oversized, or strewn with rhinestones. A seemingly simply and understated handbag is elevated through a chain shoulder strap featuring oversized links or a cascade of sparkle. Launched in 2013 by designer Sarah Law, Kara is a New York label that celebrates and reinterprets the notions of individuality, modernity and curiosity through handbags. Made from high quality Italian leathers, Kara designs are unexpected gems: not just because they sparkle, but also through their ingenuity and attention to detail. These exciting, provocative and surprising bags are the promise of a youthful and dynamic look; one that likes to stand out and express itself loud and proud. Because Kara designs are all so exceptional, it's hard for us to choose our favourites. We've always loved the stunning Bike Wallet, a small hybrid piece somewhere between a bag and a purse, accessorised with an oversized chain. And we're fans of its new variations, too. Redesigned in a panoply of colours, its signature chain now mixes metallic links and links set with rhinestones, a surprising look that will bring a touch of sparkle to all your evening 'fits. Another flagship bag from the Kara collections is the Knot Bean Bag. Less androgynous than previous designs, this very feminine accessory features a sparkling knot that acts as an oversized bag charm.

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