La Boite Concept

Whether passionate about music or interior design, obviously you strive for the best and aspire to treat yourself to products at the top of the range. Let Monnier Paris introduce you (if not already familiar) to a French brand that excels in both of these fields, La Boite Concept. Though founded in 2008, the brand comes from a long family history of acoustics, shared since 1938. It all started when Marie Cagniard Yeramian, a free-thinking and visionary woman for her time, founded her own loudspeaker brand, driven by a daring vision and innovation that set her apart from her male competitors. Over the years, her products became recognised for the quality of their sound, and her company grew into the leading French speaker manufacturer in the 1970s and 1980s. Accompanied by her son, she continued to design ever more modern speakers that spanned decades and crossed trends. Seventy years after his grandmother, Timothée Cagniard decided to follow in her footsteps and eventually launch his own brand, La Boite Concept, creating ergonomic "all-in-one" designs developed to adapt to new technologies and new ways of listening to music. Though vinyls made a bit of a comeback a few years ago, today's music is mainly streamed on smartphones, tablets and computers, and the speakers designed by La Boîte Concept label aim to keep up with these trends. Based on numerous patented and internationally coveted technologies, La Boite Concept solutions are made in the Basque Country, combining technical innovation, craftsmanship and expertise. The resolutely contemporary speakers created by the French label are designed to blend into the most elegant and modern interiors. So whether you opt for the discreet PR01 speakers or the more futuristic Cube, La Boite Concept will always make your living room look great. And if you like exceptional objects, you're sure to love the Lx. Available in oak or walnut, and even in a platinum version, it is the perfect combination of luxury and swag.

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