Loren Stewart

Simplicity, elegance and nostalgia. It's true that at first glance, Loren Stewart jewellery is so classic and understated that it almost gives the impression of having passed down through generations, shared from mother to daughter. Mainly gold, their classic links and curves are so familiar and reassuring that they remind us of those worn by our mothers and grandmothers in the photos of their youth. Founded in LA, the label has been developed by a trio of passionate creatives. Rachel Loren, Satya Stewart and Annah Stewart-Zafrani have been reinterpreting the classics of the American jewellery box since 2009, allowing themselves a few deviations: bracelets and chains become oversized, while medallions adorn elegant earrings. Their ability to put their own stamp on classic pieces and mix up genres and styles is all down to their many inspirations. First there is the nineties, its supermodels, its graphic architecture and the art of power dressing. Then comes the designers' love of hunting down period jewellery and transforming them into contemporary styles. And finally, there's the desire to reconcile everyday jewellery with slightly more daring pieces. The result is a label that’s both authentic and diverse. Designed in the City of Angels and manufactured in Arezzo, Italy, the creations of the Loren Stewart label are the result of a concerted effort to limit their environmental impact. Chains are upcycled and re-used, materials are sustainably sourced, metals are recycled, and initiatives have been put in place to ensure traceability and transparency. The label gives meaning and purpose to its work, and proves to us once again that jewellery can be both accessible and socially responsible, too. From the retro influences to its bold, androgynous vibes, how can you resist Loren Stewart jewellery? Perfect both day and night, have fun mixing and matching the pieces, pairing them with vintage denim jackets, elegant black silk dresses or basic white tees.

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