Magda Butrym

With her work is already well-known in Warsaw, Polish designer Magda Butrym decided to add a new string to her bow in 2014, becoming the founder and boss of her own brand. Intent on celebrating women in all their complicated glory, she gathered feedback from former clients to create a brand that could finally meet their expectations and needs. And so the Magda Butrym style was born, with a focus on ready-to-wear collections designed for everyday life. They were both feminine and elegant, yet uninhibited, with super-soft baggy sweaters, cropped polka dot jackets and rhinestone-covered trousers for an added touch of glam. Magda Butrym’s Scandinavian wardrobe can be worn both day and night, and the same is true for its signature symbol, the red rose. Recreated in various fabrics (and colours), it is featured on handbags, silk blouses, ribbed tops and heels. Wherever she puts it, the designer's emblematic flower is always displayed with pride. It’s also worth pointing out that there aren’t many flowers quite as tenebrous as the rose. Synonymous with sensuality and carnal love, it has a dangerous side to its beauty, with its thorns at the ready in case anyone gets too close. The same can be said of the Magda Butrym style. Uncompromising and liberated, it is the reflection of the women of our time, courageous, committed and powerful. To create her exceptional pieces, Magda Butrym’s team in Poland is made up of talented artisans whose expert skills she puts to use in her designs. From crochet and knitting, to hand-weaving and the use of traditional looms, this creative culture is also applied to its accessories. In fact, it’s mainly down to their crocheted clutches and mules that the Magda Butrym label has found its way into the wardrobes of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum. Even more dazzling and unique, the brand also makes bags covered with sparkle, whose different coloured stones create feminine floral motifs. Magda Butrym offers a passionate and singular vision of fashion with which we're very much on board.

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