Maison Kitsune

The Kitsuné universe is as rich as it is vast. Intent on creating a lifestyle concept that links Paris and Tokyo, Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki came up with Kitsuné in 2002. Its concept and art de vivre comprises an eclectic music label, a chain of cosy cafés and a ready-to-wear label, Maison Kitsuné. Its fashion brand was quick to find success, largely thanks to its resolutely urban take on style. With its relaxed interpretation of tailoring, and streetwear influences from France and Japan, it combines elegance, minimalism and comfort. This notion of comfort is also key to the signature Japanese style, which attaches great importance to movement. Naturally, to fuel such an impressive machine, you need a talented designer. That's where Marcus Clayton comes in. A graduate of Central Saint Martins, his resumé is as long as it is impressive, boasting major names from Jean Paul Gaultier to Balmain, to Versace, a, Givenchy, Golden Goose, and more. After a first collaboration with Maison Kitsuné in 2020, he joined the ranks of the French brand in 2022 promising bold and unifying collections. Maison Kitsuné is a mischievous brand, personified by a fox. Legend has it that the animal with its famous red coat has the power to change its appearance according to its desires, so Maison Kitsuné has fun reinventing it and dressing it up over the seasons. This same endearing fox can also be found embroidered on most of the brand's accessories. In ombré, black and white, Tricolor Fox and Chillax Fox versions, it is featured on Maison Kitsuné hats, caps, scarves, sneakers, tees and phone accessories. Modern and accessible, the Maison Kitsuné range can be worn for city jobs or weekends in the suburbs, by everyone. And while we like the foxy label for its non-gendered pieces, it’s its philosophy that impresses us the most: full of ambition and passion, it advocates facing your fears and daring to rise to any challenge.

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