Simone Rocha

After years spent studying the arts, fashion and design, Simone Rocha finally launched her eponymous ready-to-wear brand. Her collections represent her personal style: soft and feminine, deliciously romantic but juxtaposed in a modern and avant-garde way. Taking inspiration from the beautiful yet rugged landscapes of her native Ireland, as well as the heritage of some of the most intriguing fashion houses – Comme des Garçons in particular – Simone Rocha's style is as striking as it is unsettling. A floaty dress is accessorised with a bondage-inspired harness, powder pink dresses are adorned with embroideries in a natural green hue, and an elegant suit is worn over a white silk ruffled dress. With a melancholy elegance, Simone Rocha pieces captivate and perturb, but never fail to make an impression. This very singular aesthetic has earned her numerous awards, including the very prestigious British Womenswear Designer of the Year from the British Fashion Council, and the opportunity to collaborate with Topshop and H&M. Simone Rocha's trademark? Romantic crystals and pearls. Worn as earrings, on necklaces and hair clips, pearls are also featured on innovative handbags, too. Some are a chunky version of real pearls, while others take the shape of a heart and imitate the shimmer of the mother-of-pearl effect. Even the most classic bags, like the Snap Wallet, are embellished with ornaments here and there to give them that Simone Rocha feel. An ivory woollen balaclava adorned with magnificent crystals and white pearls is worn over a delicate matching ruffled dress, for a truly audacious ensemble. While shoes are also highly decorated with organic patterns made of rhinestones and pearls. On such example is the Ballerina Criss-Cross, an exciting hybrid shoe: a ballet pump perched on a chunky sneaker sole with metallic buckles. It's a mixture of styles full of delicacy, romanticism and excitement that never fail to impress.
Drip Earrings - Simone Rocha - Brass - Red
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