Tilly Sveaas

Jewellery inspired by the past, created for the now, to be worn forever. This is the promise made by Tilly Sveaas more than twenty years ago; a powerful promise that she continues to honour today. The cosmopolitan designer’s enterprising and adventurous spirit is probably innate. Born in Hong Kong to British and Norwegian parents, it was while living in Bali that she dreamt of founding her own brand. Soon after, she embarked on the design of her first range, inspired by various cultures, designed and made by hand, all in collaboration with talented artisans and eco-friendly suppliers. From her very first creations, Tilly Sveaas has offered us androgynous and powerful designs, with a bold, industrial feel, for a statement style that everyone can wear. The strength of the designer's jewellery is its ability to go beyond seasonal fashion trends. Timeless but full of character, Tilly Sveaas pieces have the ability to elevate all your looks. Though initially created for women, the brazen attitude and understated designs have been applied to a men's range, too. Among the signature creations of the British/Norwegian brand, the most emblematic has to be the T-Bar necklace. Inspired by its "T" clasp, the necklace is adorned with a minimalist pendant, sometimes silver, sometimes gold. Over the seasons, the T-Bar necklace has been reinvented many times, as a choker or long necklace, its links evoking either a masculine chain or an elegant feminine necklace, sometimes even mixing styles and finishes. Building on its success, the T-Bar is now available as a bracelet and earrings, too, perfect for enhancing that pulled-together look. Worn over full denim ‘fit or a cosy sweater and jeans, Tilly Sveaas designs always exude confidence and style.

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