Toga Pulla

Yasuko Furata studied fashion at the ESMOD Japan and Paris schools, before founding her label in Tokyo in 1997. She named her brand TOGA, after the ancient Roman garment made of a single piece of fabric worn over a tunic. The choice of name for her label says a lot about her love of fashion history, and the technicality of the clothes she designs. A few years later, she began to present her collections in Paris, a city she’d fallen in love with during her student years. Bold, meticulous and powerful, her silhouettes quickly garnered her a passionate clientèle. Inspired by her primary label TOGA, the designer then came up with the TOGA PULLA and TOGA VIRILIS brands, new additions to her fashion universe, and dedicated respectively to women's and men's shoes. This very specific aesthetic conceived by Yasuko Furata was thus applied to footwear, with elegant, edgy designs and a deliciously rock 'n' roll feel. TOGA PULLA's avant-garde style is expressed in part through features and references to symbols of the Wild West, such as the super-detailed and extra-chunky metallic buckles, the suede leathers, rivets, bolo ties and oversized silver ornaments. TOGA PULLA designs are highly decorated, and their many details bring them confidence and character in spades. With leather ankle boots, men's and women's clogs, animal print sandals and more, its pieces hold the key to a bold and uninhibited style.

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