Just a few years after launching his Rombaut label, Mats Rombaut added another string to his bow by teaming up with Julian Tatsuto Romer, who had previously worked at Acne Studios and the shoe brand Both. Together they came up with Virón, a similarly innovative brand with a positive impact, designed to stand out from the crowd. Born from a desire to create generous pieces with a fashion-forward feel, the label is based on three fundamental values. The first is “people": Virón has something for everyone, offering sustainable footwear at a reasonable price, making eco-responsible fashion as accessible as possible. Virón's eco-friendly shoes are also made in its Portuguese workshops, with a focus on workers' rights. The second value is “earth first”, focused on treating our planet with kindness and respect. No more plundering its resources and using materials that weaken its ecosystem. And finally, “animal liberation” couldn’t be clearer: Virón is a vegan brand. It is not only commended for its transparency, Virón also stands out thanks to the many leather alternatives it uses, such as Appleskin and other recycled materials. One of Virón's flagship shoes is the 1992. A vegan combat boot with an edgy, punk feel which, perched atop its signature recycled rubber sole, is made using three kilos of apple waste from the northern Italian food industry and presented by the brand as perfect for long nights at a rave. That's right, though the Virón brand is sustainable and committed, it is uninhibited and liberated, too. The brand and its confident, vibrant appeal is perfect for cool kids in the making: from the 1968 low-top sneakers in black alt-leather to the 1982 high-tops in recycled canvas, whatever the eco-conscious shoe you're looking for, you'll find it at Virón. And one important detail – that we love - is that the composition of each shoe is printed on its outer upper. Pushing boundaries.

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